Murray Adjusto-Matic 50 Series Chain Tensioner

Murray Adjusto-Matic 50 Series Chain Tensioner

The Murray Series 50 Ajusto-Matic is a screw adjustable tensioner with a spring loaded pivot arm. The arm maintains tension on the chain or belt and automatically takes up slack due to cyclic loading or wear. The Series 50 Ajusto-Matic offers the user all the advantages of the Ajusto-Screw plus the automatic take-up feature which substantially reduces maintenance.Constructed of structural steel, the Series 50 Ajusto-Matic is a heavy duty tensioner available in a wide range of sizes capable of handling RC 40 to RC 200 chain.

Murray Adjusto-Matic Chain Tensioner

Murray Adjusto-Matic 60 Series Chain Tensioner

Its double coil spring is loaded by turning the adjustment screw in the base of the unit, forcing the idler arm against the slack side of the chain.

The Series 60 Ajusto-Matic has a spring loaded pivot arm but does not have the screw

type adjustment. It is used in lighter applications (RC 35 to RC 60 chain) where automatic take-up is desired. Since the pivot arm must be adjusted by hand, the mounting location of the tensioner is important.

On both the Series 50 and 60 tensioners, the pivot arm swings 90 degrees from the center line in either direction, however, it must be positioned to swing in the direction of the chain (or belt) travel. For reversing drives, the tensioners are used in pairs; one on the slack side and one on the tight side.


Murray Adjusto-Screw Chain Tensioner

Murray Adjusto-Screw Chain Tensioner

The Murray Ajusto-Screw, which is “slack-side” mounted, uses a screw to provide precise, easily adjustable tension. The screw adjustment enables the user to set the precise tension necessary to provide maximum life for the sprocket and chain or belt. This is especially advantageous with heavy chains where slack is normally taken up by hand while making the adjustment. With Ajusto-Screw, chain take-up and tension setting are both controlled with the screw.Ajusto-Screw tensioners are useful on vertical drives, preventing lower sprocket disengagement. Constructed of structural steel (many competitive brands use cast iron), this patented tensioner is available in a wide range of capacities capable of handling up to RC 240 roller chain.

Many drive systems are enclosed, for safety reasons. With conventional tensioners, the enclosure must be removed for drive adjustment. With Ajusto-Screw, tension adjustments can often be made through a hole in the enclosure adjacent the head of the screw, substantially reducing costly maintenance and down-time. The screw is adjustable from either end of the tensioner. All Murray tensioners improve drive performance by eliminating whipping and slipping of loose drive chains and belts. They reduce vibration, noise and maintenance and provide additional life to drive components.


Shaft Mounted Chain Tensioners

Type L - Shaft Mounted Chain Tensioners

The Murray Type L – shaft mounted tensioner is best suited for applications where it is impractical to bolt a tensioner on a frame. The structural-steel constructed tensioner can be mounted at any point on a shaft. The Type L unit is available in a wide range of sizes handling RC 35 to RC 200 chain.

Murray Drive Positioner

Type U - Drive Positioner Chain Tensioner

The Murray Type U – drive positioner is a fixed idler bracket which provides support for a chain or belt. Like all Murray tensioners and positioners, it is constructed of structural steel. Available in a wide variety of sizes, the Type U positioners can be mounted on any flat, vertical surface.

Type H - Angle Mounted Tensioner

Type H - Angle Mounted Tensioner

The Murray Type H – is an angle-mounted positioner which can be mounted on any flat, horizontal surface. It’s structural steel construction and wide variety of sizes provides advantages not enjoyed from competitive brands.