Reduce vibration, noise and maintenance and provide additional life to drive components

About Us

Murray Tensioners has been providing products for industrial machining since 1962. In 2004 Murray became part of the Milton Manufacturing family where it has continued to provide the full line of tensioners and sprockets that the Murray name is famous for.

We are proud that our products are American Made, right in our Detroit, Michigan factory. If you have ever owned a Murray part you know that there is no better tensioner or sprocket on the market. Our dedicated team ensures that every part leaving our factory is built to the highest quality standards. Our website has the full range of our products from the Adjusto-Matic Tensioners to drive positioners and idle sprockets.

Feel free to browse the Specification section to learn more and then go to our online shop to purchase the products that fit your needs!

Heavy duty tensioner constructed of structural steel